The usual fee for counselling or psychotherapy with me is:


Per session (rate 1).

I also have two further fee rates available on request. These are based on annual family income. The rates are:


Per session (rate 2): for people who have access to an annual income of £30-50k.



Per session (rate 3): for people who have access to an annual income of less than £30k.

The initial sessions can be booked by e-mail or via the confidential answering service. Please tell me in advance which rate you want to pay. I sometimes arrange a short telephone conversation before the initial appointment, lasting up to 10 minutes. There is no charge for this.

Selection of the appropriate fee rate

To set the appropriate rate, I normally suggest that annual income is based on family income (eg including partners or, in the case of students, including parents). However, in some circumstances, the fee paid can be based on personal income, rather than family income (eg during a separation process). Furthermore, I normally suggest that people with the ability to draw on significant savings or assets (including occupational pensions) should pay a higher rate than applies to their annual income level. I sometimes also offer a lower rate for long-term work (eg over a year) to people in particular circumstances (eg counselling students in training).

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